With the goal of revolutionizing cannabis growing in Colorado, the BFF team made the trek to the hotbed of marijuana growing; Humboldt County, California. There they met some of the globe's foremost experts in natural farming and cannabis cultivation. Today, two of those top industry leaders are now proud members of the BFF Naturals Team.  

James D. Brinkerhoff Founder, CEO  

James is a visionary with a forty-year track record of successful entrepreneurial ventures.
As Founding Partner and CEO of Brinkerhoff Family Farms (BFF), James constructed BFF's first hi-tech SMART facility and currently has a second building under development. As CEO, James will steer BFF towards the highest connoisseur-grade, naturally-grown product. 

Prior to BFF, he led multi-faceted real estate companies developing large scale projects in the USA and Mexico. As owner, he has developed exquisite resort properties under the Wind River Land Company umbrella. As Founder and CEO of Corporate Properties of the Americas (CPA), Mr. Brinkerhoff positioned CPA to become Mexico's largest industrial real estate development company that in 2019 had an asset value just shy of $2 billion. Mr. Brinkerhoff earned a Masters in Real Estate & Regional Science and a B.A., both from Southern Methodist University. 

When he isn't making great strides towards revolutionizing cannabis cultivation in Colorado, James loves hiking in old growth forests and taking high altitude strolls.

Michelle P. Brinkerhoff Founder, COO

Michelle brings thirty years of accomplished sales and marketing experience spanning four countries to BFF Natural.  Her products were often conceptually new-to-market requiring a unique story that set her products apart from the others. She is particularly adept at transmitting the value of a unique product into a story that illuminates the exceptionality of
the product experience. 
Her marketing, sales and economic development experience has equipped her with the ability to look far beyond the present. As Chief Operating Officer, Michelle impacts every facet of the BFF Natural business. An innovative thinker, she is quick to adapt to current market conditions and get out in front of old trends in order to meet the needs of tomorrow's valuable customer.  
When it comes to the garden, she is hands-on with the collection and brewing of BFF's all natural nutritional inputs and living soil augmentation. 
Michelle practices yoga regularly. Which makes her limber and, like our soil, healthy and balanced.   

James Brinkerhoff Jr. Co-Founder, CCO  

A 25 year expert in the cannabis industry, James Jr. is a visionary who truly sees where
the market is going in this rapidly changing environment. As BFF Natural's Chief Cannabis Officer, James Jr. always seeks innovative ways to offer new products to the health-conscious cannabis connoisseur. 

A 20 year Emerald Triangle resident, James Jr. began studying the cultivation of medical properties of cannabis in 1996 and subsequently graduated from Humboldt County's Heartwood Healing Art Institute. After graduating, James Jr. spent the next 16 years developing medical marijuana cultivation sites, aromatic herb farms and consulting small medical cannabis collectives all under the guidance and leadership of his Native American mentors.
In 2010, James Jr. moved to Colorado where he established one of the first licensed medical cannabis companies in the state and has served over 10k customers medical cannabis in the states of Colorado and California.Today, James Brinkerhoff Jr. is considered a pioneer of the modern cannabis movement. His passion in the garden has brought him recognition from industry leaders and his ultimate mission is to develop plant medicines derived from cannabis. 

When he's not in the office he is with his beautiful wife chasing after his four kids and exploring the natural world.  


Chris Trump, Master Soil Steward  
Prodigy to Master Cho; Chris is a world-renowned natural farmer and the first to use Korean Natural Farming (KNF) techniques on a large-scale farm. KNF creates high yields and is completely sustainable, without using one iota of herbicides or pesticides. Chris's travels the globe with the mission: "To bring sovereignty
and hope back to farmers.”

Wendy Kornberg, Award Winning Cannabis Grower
Wendy is one of the top cannabis cultivators globally; with multiple Emerald Cup awards won under her Sunnabis brand. She is a second generation Humboldt cannabis farmer and known as one of the foremost experts cultivating cannabis with natural farming techniques.